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1992 - Commemorative Medal for the 125th Anniversary of Confederation

2002 - Province of British Columbia Queens Medal

2006 - YWCA nominee for Women of Distinction

2015 - R. Paul Kerston Award for patient / community educators who have expanded student learning beyond traditional professional boundaries.


“Paula Carr is that rare kind of leader who never wants to take credit for what she is doing and is always acknowledging others and celebrating them and celebrating team efforts. Indeed her qualities as a team player, her collaborative and inclusive approach, her mentorship of others, and her ongoing work of building relationships across cultural and other differences, are among the secrets of her success. Among her many gifts, I would especially note her outstanding communication and interpersonal skills. And her gift to all with whom she comes in contact is to recognise and nurture the gifts in every one of us.”

Leonie Sandercock
Professor in Community Planning
Chair, Indigenous Community Planning program,
School of Community & Regional Planning, University of British Columbia

“Paula Carr was selected from among a group of experienced leaders of civil society organizations in Canada for a fellowship from the Carold Institute. From within a very strong group of applicants, Paula’s work stood out by virtue of its strong commitment to collaboration and leadership within a geographic community, by the fact that it demonstrated lasting positive change within a community facing a variety of disruptive forces over time, and because of its strong practical demonstration of commitment to interculturalism, or relations of recognition and respect across cultural difference. I have had the pleasure of ongoing contact with Paula and her ideas as she and they have developed over the last few years. I consider her to be one of the outstanding practitioners of community leadership in the country.”

Mark Selman,PhD
Director, EMBA in Aboriginal Business and Leadership,
Beedie School of Business, Simon Fraser University
Vice-President, Carold Institute

“There are no surprises when you are working with Paula Carr. She is always respectful, inclusive, creative and trustworthy. She has a deep understanding that the best solutions are fostered and built with many ideas and perspectives. Her commitment and passion shine through and her experience and knowledge are invaluable in creating positive outcomes for individuals and their communities. Her skills are well known as a respected facilitator and community developer. Paula is a true leader with genuine and proven abilities to achieve her goals and the vision of communities. Her guidance and leadership is evident in the strong community organizations and innovative programs that have set the pace in Vancouver for positive social change.”

Jan Turner, Executive Director, Ministry of Justice, Saskatchewan

“Paula Carr is a very insightful and gifted executive coach. Through my coaching sessions with Paula I was able to connect with what is truly important and of value to me. From there I was able to discern whether my personal and professional goals were aligned. Life can be so busy. The coaching sessions I had with Paula provided me with a dedicated, safe space to clarify and gain perspective. The coaching sessions enhanced both my business and my personal relationships. Paula 's coaching style provided me with a combination of a dedicated mentor, a knowledgeable support person and a source of constant encouragement. She kept me focused and on-track with follow up emails and check ins and was very honest and supportive with the feedback she provided. Overall it was a transformational experience. “

Janet Amos, Manager of Learning and Program Design, Sauder School of Business, UBC and Former Director of Learning and Development, BCNU

“During my years working and spending time with Paula Carr I have learnt so much from her and her ability to bring community together in a meaningful and collaborative manner. Paula understands the dynamics of community engagement and cares deeply for the efficacy, transparency and contribution that can occur through the process of bringing individuals together to share their experiences and desires for their neighbourhoods, communities and cities. Paula has an innate understanding of the positive outcomes that can be achieved through real collaboration and the skill to draw those elements out.”

Patricia Barnes, Executive Director, Hastings North BIA, Vancouver

"Paula Carr is a Master Community Builder. For Paula, every occasion, circumstance, acquaintance, or encounter is an opportunity to explore means for advancing individual and collective aspirations for making better communities. Using her powerful communication skills and her strong commitment to fostering cooperation, diversity, self determination, and sustainability, Paula has consistently shown her ability to motivate creative initiatives toward achieving the positive potential of communities and of the individuals that comprise those communities."

Bill Warriner
Former Senior Policy Advisor, Executive Council, Government of Saskatchewan; and author "Canadian Social Policy Renewal, 1994-2000

“Paula has been an inspiration, a catalyst, a visionary, and a partnership broker extraordinaire in her decades of community development work. Instead of seeing obstacles in systems or communities, Paula has seen opportunities for collaboration, for innovation and for collective problem-solving. She has brought diverse voices to the table and created a profound sense of shared purpose and trust - not an easy task when working on contention and controversial community issues. Much of Paula's work has had impact on many levels - fostering personal transformation, supporting interpersonal growth and connection, creating community capacity and catalyzing systemic change. She lives and breathes community development and has a magical ability to tap both individual and collective potential."
Maria Hudspith , Executive Director, PAIN BC and Former Director , Community Engagement at Vancouver Coastal Health Authority

“I had the great pleasure to work with Paula on the BC Government Non Profit Initiative. Paula’s appreciative perspective and talent for facilitation help bring balance to diverging points of view and find common ground to move things forward and achieve results. I was inspired to see the sense of community and inclusiveness Paula’s vision has established at Collingwood Neighbourhood House, and her team leadership helped establish GNPI as a platform for ongoing constructive collaboration between government and the non profit sector in BC.”

Mark Medgyesi, Executive Director, Ministry of Social Development,
Province of British Columbia

“Paula Carr is one of those people you come across once in a life time. Your life and those around you are immediately improved once you have meet Paula. She has the natural ability to bring all parties to the same table and has the Vision and understanding to ensure all sectors of the community feel welcome and needed. I have known Paula Carr for 9 years and am still amazed at her ability to foster cooperation and to bring a community together to develop and support initiatives that are both sustainably and rewarding for all involved.”

Kenny Diebel
Senior VP Real Estate Division McLean Group of companies and
Treasurer for the Collingwood Neighbourhood House