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"Among Paula’s many strengths she is a master at bringing people together to solve problems and getting the job done. Her determination allows that no obstacles will get in her way. And because she is so personable people enjoy working with her to break down the barriers and achieve those sometimes elusive goals."

Jo-Ann Sobkow, International Consultant, Occupational and Career Research

How we work
We work best with people when we can work over a long term to help develop and deepen relationships. We approach the work in a way that stimulates curiosity and discovery about your challenges and interests. We work from a positive and appreciative lens with a commitment to ongoing learning and development. We help identify and mobilize the existing assets you can build upon and integrate into everyday practice. And we use our diverse network of relationships to help find the support and expertise you need to achieve your goals.

Initial Consultation (30 minutes)
Our first conversation will determine if our services and style fit your needs and interests. Following this discussion, we submit a proposal identifying first steps.

Discovery Approaches
These are designed to further identify interests and challenges as well current capacity. It results in an action plan.

Witnessing and Observing through on-site exchanges (3-7 days)
We observe current culture and practices in your environment through site visits and the shadowing of key neighbourhood leaders and stakeholders.
We create observation methods to suit your team, explore your areas of interest, and open up new possibilities through witnessing others in practice.

Discovery workshops (3-4 hours)
We design intercultural awareness building workshops that tap into your strengths and current practices as well as identify new areas of development.

Needs and Asset Inventories (3-4 months)
We coach and mentor a local team of community explorers, who use a variety of face to face and social media approaches to assess needs and assets.

Co-Created Approaches
Based on the discovery findings, we create a plan that will produce observable changes.

Intercultural Vibrancy Planning Workshops (3-4 hours)
We design workshops with diverse stakeholders to motivate, educate and mobilize actions around common interests and directions for intercultural development

Coaching and mentoring
We create packages for annual and semi-annual contracts with meetings occurring weekly, monthly, or as-needed. These packages help leaders and teams achieve extra ordinary results as they are living the change process. Through a questioning process, we help clients to integrate and evaluate multiple sources of information, explore new possibilities and connections, focus on desired outcomes and goals, and design and implement actions that create results that are unique to the situation at hand. Coaching and mentoring can be conducted in person, over the phone, or on line.

Customized Approaches
We prefer longer relationships with clients characterized by ongoing assistance with problem solving and emergent practice. A customized approach usually includes time and processes for reflection, experimentation as well as re-designing approaches and developing appropriate structures, connections and resources to support the work in a changing environment.

Inspirational Presentations
Presentations help to motivate interest in intercultural development, educate and expand knowledge, and bring together different people with different perspectives around common interests.